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Our goal is to get the best out of people and provide you with workers that can carry out and progress in your job roles.

The purpose,

Typical recruitment agency practice squeezes as many hours as they can from low-skilled workers, without offering them the opportunity to progress in work. It’s all about filling a job order to maximise their profit.

We set out to disrupt this. We ensure they have a chance to get better and gain new skills. In turn they can increase their earning potential, progress in their career, and improve their lives.

We do this by investing in practical and attainable training and skills development. So that:

Your workers' skills and levels of productivity increase.

Your staff retention improves, saving you time and money.

You get the opportunity to keep the trained worker on a permanent contract.

the desired impact,

By creating a strong partnership with us, you can improve the lives of workers faced with being stuck in a low-wage and insecure job, with no progression opportunities.


By doing this you’re improving your skill gaps or shortages, while

impacting your local community. A double win over your competition.

and the people behind GYOT.

Brian, Ian, and Liz are united by the simple belief that recruitment agencies must collaborate with employers and workers on a personal and human level.


This belief became a simple equation: by developing the local workforce, employers get greater value for their money, workers improve their quality of life, and a genuine social and economic impact is achieved.

Doctoral Researcher in Impact Investing, University of Edinburgh

More than a recruitment agency.

Grow Your Own Talent has a simple yet effective model.


They are more than a recruitment agency. They're a local labour hub, helping to upskill the workers and raise their productivity with the goal of benefiting your business and improving the worker's life. Through them, you will create both social and economic impact.

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