Liz Sneddon

Human Resources & Training Lead

My career has now lasted for almost 40 years. During all these years, I was all about developing people and their ability to get to their full potential. It makes me happy to see people moving on and making their ambitions come true.


At first, I wanted to be an accountant - with my time in college and my first few years of my career going in the direction of accountancy and business management.


But, I quickly realised that it bored me. So I moved into human resources and training from a senior administration role in the electronics industry. Through this, I became qualified in social work, mental health and learning disabilities. With this brand new qualification, I moved on to work in housing as a staff development manager and was also in charge of health & safety and service quality.


During this time I was also a lecturer at the local college and from there I became the area training and employment manager for a national charity. At this role I developed my counselling skills as well as my abilities in working with people with learning disabilities and mental health problems. The skill that I’m most proud of learning was working with people who had addictive behaviours.


Before taking early retirement in 2016, I was a human resources manager for a telecommunications company for 13 years. This role involved payroll, day-to-day human resource management, and training. My final project was to change the nature of the company's pension scheme - building up my skills in pension scheme management (funny how it tied back to my starting point in accountancy).


And once I retired, people found out I was free to help them. I found that the best way to do this was by working as a human resources consultant. But I became overwhelmed with work and offers of full time employment and take the decision to retire more seriously.

When Iain first got in touch with me, I was impressed with the mission and vision of what Grow Your Own Talent wants to do and could not help but become a part of it.


My aim is to help people improve their lives by getting a job in which they can grow and achieve their ambitions. It is an aim that we successfully help employers to be provided with long-term value and even hold on to the workers we have recruited for them. My experience and deep understanding of employment and training will contribute towards the solution to the deep societal and economic problem that we now face in the recruitment agency industry.

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